NYC BigApps Ideas Turns Challenge On its Head, Asks For Problems To Solve

New York City likes to put out its BigApps challenge to get developers to come up with apps that make living in the city better. (Recent winners include parking finder and pick-up game organizing apps). But the city is now trying something different with its BigApps Ideas Challenge.

Instead of asking developers for apps, the challenge is asking for problems that can be solved with apps. Anyone can submit a problem they want solved, and the best ones will get voted up. The challenge is hosted on ChallengePost, and there are cash prizes of $100 for each of the top 50 ideas, and $250 for each of the top 10.

Here are a few good ones already:

I want a NYC app that shows me the nearest apartments for rent by my GPS location and other apartment rental preferences.

I want a NYC app that has a visual, color coded map of all street parking rules, regulations and street cleaning schedules.

I want a NYC app that shows me the location of famous films sets.

Now somebody just has to go build these.