Baby's Got Traction: Sir Mix-A-Lot DJs Live On

What’s a surefire sign that a web service has hit the big time? Well, when the celebrities start to pile on of course!

The guys behind GiantThinkwell and the Mixnmatch game have teamed up with the Grammy award winning producer, emcee and lover of the natural female form Sir Mix-Alot for a rare performance celebrating the game’s launch.

“We’re huge fans of,” says GiantThinkwell co-founder Adam Tratt. “In fact, we’re Cameron-Diaz-in-Vanilla-Sky crazy for it. (We <3 you, @seth & @billychasen.) Having Mix host a set in Turntable would be slick, but having Mix as a skinny white guy with a faux-hawk simply wouldn’t do. With our release on the way out the door and the sun rising in Seattle, we set our plan in motion: to get Sir Mix-A-Lot hosting a room… with a custom Sir Mix-A-Lot avatar.”

In order to create a custom Sir Mix-A-Lot avatar, Tratt creatively rigged a custom piece of Javascript to transform the ubiquitous icons into the spitting avatar image of Mix-A-Lot

Users who want to join the Mix-A-Lot room and see the Mix-A-Lot avatar can 1) Visit 2) Drag the Turntable/Mixalot bookmarklet to their toolbar 3) Click on the bookmarklet to enter the room 4) Click on the bookmarklet again to see the custom icon.

Mix-A-Lot will be performing between 2:30 and 5:00pm PST. Still in beta, Twitter mentions continue to soar, clocking in 13K tweets last week.