Gnonstop Gnomes Appear On iPhone And Android. Don't Try To Stop Them.

The Gnonstop Gnomes are here and they cannot be stopped. Gnonstop Gnomes is the first mobile app to come out of Churn Labs, Omar Hamoui’s product lab that he started after he left AdMob/Google. Hamoui demoed Gnonstop Gnomes at Disrupt NYC (see video below) and today the app is available both in iTunes and the Android Market.

The app is a real-world social game and photo-sharing app. You create a Gnome, insert him in different pictures, and record his journey via GPS. The fun part starts when you pass your Gnome onto a friend. You do this with a new gesture Churn Labs invented called Lyft. Using your phone’s camera lens, you can “lyft” a gnome from another screen to yours and help him continue his journey. Anyone who has touched a gnome can follow his adventures and photos as he moves around the world.

It’s a simple app that creates a new experience by combining elements of mobile apps in new ways. Hamoui is having fun with it. In a blog post, Churn Labs notes that it is “already the #1 location based gnome photo sharing application in the world” and quotes him saying, “This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. “I got sidetracked with the whole mobile advertising thing for a bit, but it’s good to finally see this becoming a reality.”