CECH-3000B: Sony Announces Lighter, More Power-Efficient PS3 Model

Sony Computer Entertainment announced [JP] the CECH-3000B for the Japanese market, a new/modified version of the PS3. When compared with the previous model (the 2500B), the new PS3 is 400g lighter (it now weighs 2.6kg) and consumes 30W less power (200W now). Sony also said they will stop producing the 2500B series.

Buyers in Japan will be able to lay their hands on the new PS3 model, which has a 320GB HDD, later this month (price: $436). On June 30, Sony also plans to ship the CECH-3000B as part of an “HDD Recorder Pack” (PS3+torne TV tuner), which is pictured below.

The Tales Of Xillia PS3 package (due out in Japan in September) will also come with the new model (160GB).