Website And Streaming Services Go Down

Thinking about catching a movie with your loved ones for Father’s Day, or just because its Sunday? Well it’s not going to be on Netflix as it online services including the $7.99 a month streaming feature and the ability to order DVDs are down for some users.

Right now users have been unable to access the website or the streaming features for about three hours and are complaining on (of course) Twitter. Netflix has 23.3 million members in the United States and Canada.

Reports of inability to access the site have been popping up since 5:23 pm PST according to one user and the website currently displays the above “service down” message (Netflix on the Wii and the iPad is still working apparently). There’s no word yet on whether this is part of a recent spate of hacks on services like Sony and Sega.

I’m currently listening to Netflix’s godawful hold music and will update this post if I hear any more information. Until then, maybe you should check out Hulu? Or actually talking to your family?

Update 9:00pm PST: Some users are reporting that it is back online, and it seems like can still be accessed.