Weekend Giveaway: Man Cave Gear For Pops

Poor dad. He’s always getting shafted when it comes to Father’s Day. Usually he gets a tie or a chess set or a fancy prize-winning goat (it was a weird year that year at the Biggs house, let me tell you). But does he ever get a full home gaming/3D video/Blu-Ray playing All-In-One gaming center? With speakers? And fancy lights?

Well now you can send Dad what he really wants. I’m going to run this contest until next Wednesday since it’s a pretty nice price so if you win you can pretend that you meant to send pops his present all along and you can just say you weren’t sure if you could afford it or whatever and then, suddenly, you were like “I love my dad. Dammit: he gets this gear.”

Here’s how to win:

Comment below to enter, describing your favorite moment with dear old dad. Comment only once. Include your email in the Disqus form (NOT IN THE COMMENT PROPER) or login using Facebook or whatever. If I can’t contact you, you can’t win. I will pick a winner at noon next Wednesday, June 22. I will pick one commenter at random.

Here’s what pops can win:
All-in-One PC ET2400XVT
with 3D glasses

1920 x 1080 resolution
120Hz 3D Panel
OS Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64bit
Touch Screen Multi Touch
CPU + Chipset Intel® Core™ i7 -740QM
Intel® HM55 Chipset
Memory DDR3 1333 MHz 2GB SO-DIMM x 4 slot, 8GB max.
HDD 1TB SATA II 7200rpm 3.5″
Optical Drive Tray-in Blue-ray reader
Graphics NVIDIA GTX460M 1.5G(3D)

soundscience rockus Speaker System

Desktop speaker system creates the ultimate personal theater experience & features 3Dsst™ technology
· Anodized aluminum satellites reduce vibration and minimize distortion, resulting in clear mid and sparkling high-range sound
· Active subwoofer with passive radiator technology, delivers an expansive range of bass comparable to larger footprint subwoofers
· 3D-tuned drivers to deliver audio optimized for soundscience’s 3Dsst technology
· Dual-mode operation: 3D mode for enveloping games and movies sounds, and music mode for faithful stereo music playback
· Optical input for playback of digital audio from game consoles (Xbox 360, PS3) and other, similarly equipped devices
· Remote control pod for volume adjustment, 3D/music mode selection, muting and digital/analog input option

soundscience halo 6 LED bias lighting kit™

Subtle white backlight optimizes picture quality and eliminates eye strain to enhance viewing comfort
Remedies eye fatigue by reducing the range of motion in the iris muscles when viewing images in a dark environment
Color and brightness are carefully calibrated to achieve the optimal viewing experience and increase your monitor’s perceived contrast ratio
Eliminating eye strain increases vision endurance and comfort during long viewing sessions
· Fits LCD monitors up to 24” placed against a light colored wall; available USB port or powered USB hub

Thanks to Asus and Soundscience for hooking us up.

Update – Chrissty won the kit. Thanks for playing.