Nokia To Launch Windows Phone 7 Handsets In Just 6 European Nations At First

Are you a lingering Nokia fan, still defiantly tying yourself to the mast as the ship’s fate wavers? Are you not only happy about their decision to move forward pretty much exclusively with Windows Phone 7, but also anxiously awaiting the first fruits of that new labor?

Anyone still nodding along at this point?

If so, I hope you live in the Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Spain or Italy. According to Nokia Europe’s VP Victor Saeijs, these are the six nations that will see Nokia-made Windows Phone handsets at launch later this year. Other countries will get’em eventually, of course — there’s just no saying when.

Notably absent: the US. It makes some sense, though; the iPhone and Android pretty much have the US locked-down right now, so it’d be a tough territory to start in. More curiously absent: Finland. Nokia is a proud, proud Finnish company — you’d think they’d want to launch their new endeavors on home turf, if only for sake of posturing.