CrowdStar Targets Female Gamers With First Mobile-Only Title, Top Girl

Fresh off a $23 million round of funding, Social gaming company CrowdStar is launching its first mobile-only social game, Top Girl. As you can see from the headline, the free game, which is launching for iOS, targets female gamers interested in shopping and fashion.

While CrowdStar offers another female-focused game on Facebook, It Girl, the two games have no connection. Top Girl is a mobile role-playing game that allows players to create a fashionable avatar and then climb up the fashion social ladder, collecting money by doing modeling jobs, buying new outfits, and going to clubs.

The core gameplay is around the modeling job, where as you work more,you earn coins and cash and are able to buy better clothes. The game also has a dating feature, allowing users to flirt with a virtual boyfriend.

The game actually doesn’t require Facebook integration and is utilizing OpenFeint’s (a fellow YouWeb company) plug and play social gaming platform more iOS. And Top Girl isn’t totally devoid of social features. For example, players will see a leaderboard of fellow players who have accumulated the most clothes.

As CrowdStar CEO Peter Relan has told us previously, he believes interactions on mobile social games will be different from social gaming on Facebook, necessitating the need to create new titles. We saw this trend with Zynga’s newest CityVille game ‘Hometown’, which was announced yesterday.

Relan says we can expect more mobile titles from CrowdStar in the coming year, with three mobile games already in development. And the company will expand these titles to Android as well as iOS.