The Best-Dressed Nerds Are Wearing These Open-Source iCufflinks

iCufflinks by Adafruit from adafruit industries on Vimeo.

The nerds at Adafruit, our favorite open source hardware makers, have just released the iCufflinks, handsome, battery powered glowing cufflinks that pulse at the same speed as the Macbook’s “sleep” light. The circuitry inside is entirely open source (you can grab the source here) and the $128 links are made in North America.

They used an oscilloscope to actually reverse engineer Apple’s pulse pattern, a calming sparkle that is actually timed to the respiration of the human body at rest.

Sophisticated. Modern. Open Source. Gorgeously machined aluminum with a subtle pulsating LED.
Proudly made in North America (Canada and USA). With these, you are, most definitely, from the future.
For those special occasions when you need to be dressed to iMpress:
Weddings, Tech events, Sci-Fi/Comic-Cons, IPOs and VC funding opportunities.

You can order your pair now but if you’re a lady, don’t fret: the pulsing iNecklace is on its way this year.

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