Reddit Hits 1.2B Monthly Pageviews, More Than Doubles Its Engineering Staff

Community news site Reddit, which at some point was running on one engineer, has almost tripled  its engineering staff today, with the addition of three new hires, Google’s Logan Hanks, Oracle’s Keith Mitchell and recent engineering graduate Brian Simpson. This brings the total number of developers on the team up to five.

Reddit can use all the developer help that it can get, seeing as though unique monthly visits are up 37% since January, going from 13.7 million unique visitors then to 18.8 million in May. Reddit pageviews have also grown 25%, going from 999 million pageviews in January, to 1.228 billion in May. Throughout this half year period time on the time on the site has remained strong at 15 and a half minutes.

According to Reddit General Manager Erik Martin, the company has no plans to spin out of Conde Nast (as rumored) and is actually moving to a new office space in SOMA, where the Wired building is.

“Right now we’re focusing on improving site performance and infrastructure and after that our focus is going to be improving user experience,” said Martin on what the new hires will be tasked to do. “We want to make it easier for Redditors to discover and create sub-Reddits, and we’ll be updating our ad product as well.”

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