PopBooth: A *Real* Photo Booth For iPhone/iPad From The Postagram Guys

When it comes to photo apps, some of the first to hit involved recreating old school photo booths. It was (and remains) an awesome, if not obvious, idea. The proliferation of front-facing cameras on smartphones only accelerated this trend. But those apps tend to come up short in one very important way: you don’t get the actual print-outs of the pictures you take! With PopBooth, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

PopBooth is the second app the Sincerely team will be releasing soon (in a couple of weeks). You may recall Sincerely as the team behind Postagram, the brilliant app that turns your best Instagram images into postcards on the go. PopBooth takes what they’ve already learned about printing out pictures and transfers it to this new concept.

Here’s how it will work. You download the PopBooth app on your iPhone or iPad (2, obliviously, since it has a camera), it takes four pictures of you and your friends, you apply optional filters, and you can then send these images to Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. But the key is that you also have the option to send printed out strips to yourself, your family, or your friends. Yes, actual tangible photos strips — just like you’d get from a booth.

Sure, it’s not quite the instantaneous experience an actual photo booth. But Sincerely figures the digital images (which are free) will hold you over until the real deal arrives three to five days later (in the U.S.). Co-founder Matt Brezina declined to sharing the pricing details for the prints, but notes they’ll be a little higher than the $0.99 you pay for Postagram since the prints are much larger.

Importantly, because PopBooth uses the same account system as Postagram, your addresses, billing info, etc, will travel with you to the new app.

Again, look for the app in a couple of weeks. You can sign up on their website.