Exposed: Facebook's Secret iPhone Photo Sharing App (Which Looks Amazing)

It’s far too often that the term “killer” gets thrown around in tech blogs. And yes, we’re just as bad as anybody. But what if I told you that a service that gets 6 billion photo uploads each month, and has nearly 100 billion photos total, is about to launch a new photo sharing app for the iPhone? And what if I told you that it looks awesome? Yeah, you’d call it a killer too.

Such an app appears to be exactly what Facebook is on the verge of releasing. How do we know? We have obtained roughly 50 MB of images and documents outlining the entire thing.

To be honest, we’re still sorting through all of them. But again, the app looks amazing. We’ve heard that internally it is being called either “Hovertown” or “WithPeople”. And while it looks like a stand-alone app right now, there are also signs that it could be eventually integrated into Facebook’s main iPhone app — as well as the main site.

Either way, based on the images in front of us, the best way to think about it appears to be Path meets Instagram meets Color meets (Path’s new side project) With — with a few cool twists.  And obviously, it’s built entirely on top of Facebook’s massive social graph.

For now, here’s a quick sneak peek at the app. We’re going to have to rework some of these images to be able to post them. Look for that tomorrow.

Coincidentally, it was almost exactly two years ago when a hacker infiltrated the accounts of a few Twitter employees, and sent us hundreds of confidential documents about the company. That gave us a bit of a moral quandary as to what we should post and what we shouldn’t. That was not the case here. It’s so much easier when a scrapbook outlining a massive company’s next killer product just curls up in your lap.

More to come. A lot more.

Update: Here we go! Behold: Facebook’s Secret Photo Sharing App