Babbel adds Indonesian, Polish, Turkish and Dutch to its language learning lineup

Babbel, the language learning site, has added four new languages to its vocabulary portfolio: Indonesian, Polish, Turkish and Dutch. This brings the total to eleven, joining Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and English.

Delivered via a number of themed lessons such as “Holidays”, “Life in the city”, “Free time”, “Culture” and “Digital World” each features basic and advanced vocabulary with words, images and pronunciation examples, designed to be completed within ten to fifteen minutes.

And like other Babbel courses, learners also have access to a personal Review Manager to help them stay on track and acquire language skills in the long term, along with Pronunciation Training via real-time speech recognition using Adobe Flash, which as we’ve noted before, potentially pits the service up against more traditional players such as TellMeMore or Rosetta Stone.

The company says that the new languages, which inline with Babbel’s premium model costs €3.30 a month via a three month subscription or free for a single lesson, will be continuously “revisited and enhanced, supported by a team of more than 50 teachers, authors, editors, native speakers and experts, responsible for content.”

Babbel claims 1 million users from over 200 countries have registered with the service, while the iPhone app has passed the 900,000 download mark.