Google's Amit Singhal: We Never Stop Searching From Our Mobile Devices

Today at a special ‘Inside Search’ event in San Francisco, CA, the search giant is taking some time to walk through some of the recent (and upcoming) advancements in its search products.

Google Fellow Amit Singhal kicked off by discussing what he calls our quest for knowledge — as evidenced by the huge volume of searches that we perform on Google all day, every day. And to underscore that idea, he presented a series of graphs depicting how traffic to Google varies throughout the week.

The bottom line: while desktop query volume is subject to fluctuations, we never stop searching from our mobile devices.

This trend is most pronounced in the graph above. In it, you can see how desktop queries dip during the summer months and around Christmas time. But that doesn’t happen to the mobile graph. We keep searching when we’re eating lunch, or away from the office, or visiting the family, or going on vacation.

Singhal says that this indicates that our quest for knowledge never ends(I think it also shows that we’re always hungry for content, though that doesn’t necessarily mean knowledge). Either way, it’s good news for Google — Singhal says that in the last two years, they’ve seen a 5x growth in mobile traffic, no doubt driven by the iPhone and Android.