Google Launches Homepage Shortcuts On Mobile

We’re here at Google’s Inside Search event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and Google’s Amit Singhal has just revealed a new landing page and homepage shortcuts for Google mobile.

With these shortcuts mobile users will be able to find local restaurants, coffee shops, bars and more when they hit the Google homepage on iOS or Android (see left). Hitting one of the shortcuts lets you see a map of all the restaurants, coffee shops, etc in your area as well as their individual place pages. Useful.

While last time we were here Google announced Google Instant, this time the focus is more granular search innovations like the  + symbols in the mobile query box on the Google mobile homepage, making it easier and faster to complete searches with Google’s suggestions on the go.

The Google mobile interface isn’t the only thing that will get a refresh says Singhal, Google has changes for its tablet search interfaces also in the works which should be unveiled next week.  You can watch the rest of the event live below.