Crytek Developer: New Xbox Coming At E3 2012

Despite industry sources and commentators suggesting that 2014, or 2013 at the earliest, would be the timing for a new generation of consoles, one insider claims Microsoft is planning on revealing it in the next 12 months, also known as “in the next year.”

The anonymous source at Crytek told that the company is already developing a new game (TimeSplitters 4 of all things) for the next system, using DirectX 11 and prototype hardware (something we’ve heard before, though it was denied).

Personally I’m not convinced. With the Kinect selling strong and a ton of big games in the pipes for the next year (including Halo 4 and tons of “real” Kinect-powered games), it doesn’t seem likely that Microsoft and partners would be doing active development on a brand new system and launch titles.

[via 1up]