Next Jump Introduces Local Deals Powered By LivingSocial, Plus Points

What happens when you mix local deals with reward points? You get A couple months ago, Next Jump, which powers rewards programs for thousands of corporations and credit card companies, inked a deal with LivingSocial to get acces sto its inventory of daily deals. The first fruits of that deal are evident in, which is a retooling of Next Jump’s Overwhelming Offers (which now redirects to

So what is You enter your zipcode and are presented with a map filled with LivingSocial deals. But you also get rewarded with WOWpoints every time you buy something. WOWPoints can be redeemed for other deals or merchandise on, Target, Walmart, Amazon,, and other partners. They add a gaming element to local deals by giving consumers an incentive to rack up points by buying more deals.

A typical deal might be $25 for $50 worth of food and drinks at a wine bar. That is no different than buying that same deal through LivingSocial. But if you buy it on, you also get 250 WOWpoints. (100 WOWpoints = $1).

In addition to the daily deals from LivingSocial, also has all the online deals that were previously on Overwhelming Offers. So it’s a mix of the two, but the daily deals are definitely highlighted more. And it’s not just LivingSocial, other parters like are also included (there are over 20,000 deals on the site).

“We launched the program because as the deal market has exploded,” says CEO Charlie Kim, “it is difficult for a consumer to understand ‘what is a real deal.’” There is so much much fake pricing, restrictions, and other fine print that it is hard to know if you are really getting a deal. wants to help deal-hungry consumers cut through all that noise.

Is this an evolution of the daily deals model, or will be too confusing for consumers to grasp? Check it out and weigh in below in comments.