Woman has 152 Facebook friends tattooed onto arm. Unfriending will be painful.

Social networks have contributed to the Arab Spring, people getting arrested for jokes, you name it.

Now one Facebok user has taken the social network to heart – or rather to her body. A woman in the Netherlands has had 152 profile images of her Facebook friends tattooed onto her arm.

You Tube user Suzyj87 now has a permanent collection of her friends right to hand, as it were. Who need a smartphone?

Of course the question begs – how does she add new friends, and what happens when she unfriends someone? Laser removal?

She said it said took months to get all the profile pictures onto her arm. I daresay.

Rapper T-Pain has been credited with the trend after he got a Facebook tattoo on his arm that read, ‘You don’t have to like me’ with a Like logo on it.

Update: Alas this looks like a stunt by a social media agency (who we’re not going to link to). Oh well, you win some you lose some…