No Chirp This Year, So Twitter Developers Holding Their Own Summit

Last year, Twitter held the first Chirp, a large developer conference in San Francisco akin to Facebook’s f8, Google’s I/O, and Apple’s WWDC. Everyone assumed this would become an annual thing. Then they decided not to do one this year. And that’s too bad, because this may be the most important year to have one as much of ecosystem is questioning Twitter’s intentions for their platform.

But the lack of an official conference isn’t stopping some developers. They’ve decided to organize their own developers conference for the Twitter ecosystem. The Twitter Developers Summit will take place this July 26, in San Francisco, an invite informs us.

So who’s┬áparticipating?

HootSuite, keepstream, KLOUT, CoTweet, and Bottlenose are all on the banner. More will likely come. One name not anywhere to be seen: Twitter. We’ve reached out to the company to see if they plan to participate at all, but as of right now, they’re clearly not involved.

EngageDigital, the company behind the event, writes on the site:

The Twitter Developer Summit takes place July 26, 2011 in San Francisco. The Twitter developer ecosystem is changing rapidly, and with the cancellation of Chirp, our Twitter Developer Summit is the best place for twitter-focused developers (from startups to Fortune 500) to network with like minded developers and discuss best practices: what is working today, what is changing, and what to expect tomorrow.

Sounds like Twitter would almost be necessary to comment on a lot of that, no?

Another company nowhere to be seen: UberMedia. Twitter’s nemesis would also seem like a natural fit here if Twitter itself isn’t participating. This is pure (juicy) speculation, but perhaps they haven’t been invited yet in the hope that Twitter will agree to participate.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been hosting smaller events for developers, such as the first official Devnest in May. They will also hold one related to the newly announced iOS integration. That event was actually supposed to be tonight but has been changed to tomorrow night.

Registration for the Twitter Developers Summit will begin on June 24.