eyeSight Plans To Bring A Touch-Free Experience To iOS

When the touchscreen first appeared, I felt like I had been launched into the future, until they started showing up everywhere. Now that touchscreens are pretty much the norm, the next logical step would be the no-touch screen, which is basically what eyeSight Mobile Technologies is looking to do. The same folks that developed Touch Free Interfaces have now added the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 to its list of supported devices. Android, Windows, Meego, and Linux are already supported by eyeSight’s Hand Gesture Recognition Technology.

Without needing any extra special hardware, eyeSight’s software-based technology lets the user make hand gestures instead of physically touching the screen, with the help of the device’s front-facing camera. This could certainly come in handy in situations where you’re driving or cooking. So far there is no iOS app that uses eyeSight’s technology, but the company promises that one should be launching soon.

[via IntoMobile]