Do you know who I am? – MarketMeSuite adds PeerIndex to its social media dashboard

MarketMeSuite is partnering with PeerIndex to integrate influence rankings into its social media dashboard. Through the partnership, MarketMeSuite users will be able to utilise PeerIndex’s topic-specific “social media rankings” in order to identify influencers and experts in the markets that they are targeting.

So, for example, if you’re pitching something technology-based (or perhaps coffee), I’m probably worth a shot (no pun intended) but go too far off the beaten track and my potential influence will soon drop off. That’s because UK-based PeerIndex, which competes most directly with Klout, identifies influential individuals online according to specific topics.

It’s this topic-based approach, says the company, which means its technology can be applied to marketing applications so that they can effectively leverage the kind of “influence data” that PeerIndex is touting. By integrating this data, MarketMeSuite is able to add an additional layer of insight and targeting to their client’s campaigns. And the better the targeting, the more efficient and cost-effective a social media-based marketing campaign can be.

Back in January, we covered MarketMeSuite’s growth after the Gorelston, UK-based company had been flying somewhat under the radar. The paid-for subscription-only service, which shuns the freemium model to head straight for a pay day, enables businesses to manage their marketing campaigns on Twitter and Facebook via a desktop application, which competes to varying degrees with something like TweetDeck or more directly Hootsuite and CoTweet.