Mobile Q&A App Opinionaided Has Generated 90M Responses To Over 1.2M User Questions

When we wrote about mobile Q&A app Opinionaided two months ago, the app had generated 40 million responses to about 500,000 questions. In only three months, Opinionaided more than doubled those numbers, generating 90 million responses to over 1.2 million user questions for an average of 73 responses per question asked. Opinionaided says users are spending an average of 2 hours and 33 minutes in the app per month.

Opinionaided’s free iOS app allows users to get advice and opinions on the fly. Within the app, users can input a question, determine a category (i.e. relationships, politics) and submit it for other Opinionaided users to answer. You can also publish your questions to Facebook and Twitter. After a question is posted, fellow Opinionaided users can comment on the question and the app will calculate the percentage of users that responded positively or negatively. From there, consumers can reply back to the comments or create a new question for peers to vote on.

So what’s driving this much growth in users and engagement? Opinionaided founder Dan Kurani says that the ability to get real-time feedback at the point of decision-making is helping drive usage growth. On average it takes less than 2 minutes to get your first 10 responses to any question, says the company. And the simplicity of the app makes it appealing as well.

Interestingly, the average age of the Opinionaded user is 24, so perhaps usage also skews to a younger audience that is more engaged on devices like the iPhone. And while Opinionaided offers a web platform, Kurani says the company is seeing 90 percent of engagement on mobile.

While many app developers don’t generally release average engagement times, a recent study from GSMA reports that an average of 15 mobile apps are responsible for 667 minutes of use per user each month, or about 45 minutes per user per month. Opinionaided’s engagement is well above this.

With the impressive engagement data, especially on mobile devices; it comes of no surprise that Opinionaided is launching apps on other platforms. An Android app should be launched in the next few months, says Kurani.