The iOS App Store Goes Down

Having trouble pulling down the latest build of Angry Birds: Whatever Holiday Or Movie Is Currently Relevant edition? Don’t sweat it — you’re not alone.

The iOS App Store is having some trouble this morning, it seems. While product pages and searches all seem to be doing well enough, any attempts to actually download or install anything are being met with the oh-so-helpful error up above. Given how crucial the App Store is for iOS and all of the indie developers out there that count on it as their sole source of income, Apple will almost certainly have things back up and running quick. That is, unless they’re too distracted with the the return of PSN.

Update: Looks like it’s slowly lurching back to life. We got a few apps to install, then the errors started sprouting up again. It may be a few minutes (hours?) before all of the servers come back online, but things seem to be on the up and up.

Update #2: Seems to be completely back up now!