Apple Wants

On 28 April 2002, a few months after Apple launched the very first iPod (yes, it’s been that long already), someone registered the domain name

It apparently took the Cupertino company a little over 9 full years to decide that, instead, it should be the rightful owner of the domain name, which until earlier this morning took people to some shady mp3 download site (though it no longer resolves, it seems).

Yesterday, Apple lodged a complaint, positing that the domain name should be transfered over to them. Apple of course owns the ‘iPod’ trademark, so my guess it the dispute will be resolved rather rapidly. The company currently owns,,,, and many other related domain names.

Strangely – and I’ve mentioned this repeatedly in the past – Apple has never formally objected the registration of, even though it owns the ‘iPad’ trademark, which it actually acquired from Fujitsu in March 2010.

Will they really wait 9 years again before trying to obtain it?

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