Motorola Site Redesign Spills Shots Of XOOM 2, New Handsets, And A Watchphone?

Whoops! Looks like someone at Motorola didn’t cover up their breadcrumbs while working on the next version of their Mobility site.

Now, leaked site redesigns generally aren’t something we cover, because, well, no one cares. This one’s special, though. This one’s fun. This one’s jam-packed full of unannounced products.

While the Mobility site is now back to its original, non-leaky form, PocketNow managed to nab some screenshots of all the good stuff. Alas, there’s not much here in terms of specs or details — beyond the product renders and names (some of which we’re pretty sure are codenames), most of what we’re looking at is still shrouded in mystery. For now.

First up, two mega-slim handsets — the Zaha, and the Slimline:

Next, the Xoom 2 (hiding in the background):

Last, but certainly not least, the Tracy XL Watchphone (named, of course, after Dick and his oh-so-futuristic Watchphone):

Of course, there’s always the chance that whoever’s building this just grabbed some random product concept renders off the network share to use as placeholders in the redesign, with none of these actually in Motorola’s product pipeline. If Motorola can actually make a watchphone that looks anything like that Tracy XL, though, I certainly hope these things are the real deal.