Disrupt Backstage Pass: So What, Exactly, Is Social Music? (TCTV)

One of the most interesting panels at last week’s Disrupt featured a discussion about social music between Steve Jang the co-founder and CEO of Schematic Labs and Alexander Ljung the founder and CEO of SoundCloud.

Jang and Ljung are both developing apps and services that enable us to share music, sounds and our musical taste. Jang’s product is Soundtracking, an iPhone app that allows us to geo-tag music as we experience it. While Ljung’s Berlin based SoundCloud – which already has four and a half million users – is a platform for not only sharing music but also audio and sounds.

So what, exactly, is social music? I asked Jang and Ljung when I interviewed them backstage at Disrupt. And how are services like Jang’s Soundtracking and Ljung’s SoundCloud disrupting what was once formerly known as the “music industry”?

Here’s Jason Kincaid’s interview with them on-stage at Disrupt.