The first ever book about Twitter in Russian (TCTV)

While at the Lint Conference in Moscow this week I stumbled across something quite special. Two of the authors behind a new how-to-guide for Russians all about Twitter.

This is significant – after all, no-one would even bother with writing an entire book, unless there was a growing curiosity about the platform both amongst consumers and business people wanting to learn more about using it as a marketing and communications channel.

The book’s title is suitably direct (as Russians are want to be): “140 symbols of self-expression in social media.” I managed to catch up with two of the three Julia Fedotchenko (@Moscowholic), Elena Sorokina (@esorokina), Ksenia Chabanenko (@pr_a_tak) authors of the book , and chatted to about the step-by-step guide.

The jury is out on how it’ll perform in the market but that fact it even exists is interesting in its own right.