Amazon Repeats $0.99 Deal On Lady Gaga Album, Says Servers Won't Melt This Time

Earlier this week, Amazon offered the new album from superstar Lady Gaga, ‘Born This Way’, for a mere $0.99 in an effort to get people to discover its recently launched Cloud Drive / Player service.

Only problem was that the offer was so good that it quickly put quite some strain on Amazon’s infrastructure.

Well, the company wants to make amends by repeating the offer today.

Customers can once again get the album for 99 cents, and get 20 GB of free Amazon Cloud Drive storage to boot.

Says Craig Pape, director of Music for Amazon:

“Clearly customers are really excited for Lady Gaga’s new album – we saw extraordinary response to Monday’s promotion – far above what we expected – she definitely melted some servers. So we’re doing it again, and this time we’re ready.”

Let’s hope so for anyone who missed out the first time around.

Amazon typically offers a daily album deal for $3 to $5, but it seems the $0.99 deal appealed to many more customers than they had anticipated.

‘Born This Way’ immediately shot to the top spot on Amazon’s bestselling MP3 albums list after the deal was introduced to the masses, and has remained numero uno since.

For the record, Apple still sells ‘Born This Way’ on iTunes for $11.99 (or $15.99 with extras).

(Photo via Flickr user Naomi Lir, used with permission)