InvoiceASAP Allows You To Create And Send Invoices From Your Mobile Phone

InvoiceASAP, which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt today, is a cloud-based invoice app that allows you to easily create and send professional invoices, estimates, sales orders and receipts. The app provides easy-to-use menus on your mobile phone, and swiftly guides the user through the setup and invoicing process, making your device a powerful tool for business management.

InvoiceASAP is all about taking its service mobile, but offering the full suite of services a Web app would provide as well. So, the startup provides invoicing that integrates with accounting software, so that a user’s invoices, estimates, sales orders and receipts can all sync with accounting. You or your sales team can add new accounts from the field that are simultaneously created in accounting as well.

So what’s the market for InvoiceASAP? CEO Paul Hoeper said that he hopes that since there has been eager adoption of mobile payment systems that mobile invoice software will be greeted the same way. Hoeper said that the target demographic for InvoiceASAP is anyone on Angie’s List — electricians and gardeners to plumbers and contractors.

The mobile app allows you to document your invoices, estimates, and receipts right from the field. If you’ve just paid for something in realtime in the field, you don’t have to go back to your laptop to enter it into a spreadsheet, you can just invoice on the spot. The most unique thing about their mobile app is that it offers photo-based invoicing. You can use pictures, audio recordings, and geo-tags with your invoices, attaching them to any document. Pics can be used before or after, or as proof of work completed for those disbelieving bosses out there.

The audio recording feature to send a greeting, and the ge-tage feature creates a record of where your invoices were created, so that you have documentation of the time and place of your purchases. That’s pretty handy. And you can even take a picture of your friend who you take with you to buy expensive things, so that you have a material witness.

Here’s their presentation.