Instagram Surpasses 4.25M Registered Users, Is Now Posting 10 Photos A Second

Here at TechCrunch Disrupt Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom has just announced a new milestone for photo service Instagram, at 10 user photos posted per second, up from 6 photos per second officially announced couple of months ago.

“We’re like that growth we saw last time was really large, until we saw today,” said Systrom. When asked whether Tumblr founder David Karp had any advice for Kevin, “Kevin seems to be a few steps ahead of me.”

Systrom also revealed that Instagram currently has 4.25 million registered users after only seven months of existence. That means they have more than 1 million users per employee. “It turns out if you make something that people want it spreads really well,” says Systrom. “People wanted to take pictures and have them shared across multiple networks all at once.”