Foretuit Tracks And Maps Sales Operations For Organizations

Tracking the success and productivity for sales reps can be a challenge for any organization. Foretuit, which launches today at TechCrunch Disrupt, maps sales employees’ business behavior and determines patterns in order to provide predictive outcomes for sales operations.

Foretuit says that the sales process is inefficient because of compliance (sales reps don’t actually put data in CRM applications) and reps don’t leep data current. Fortuit’s application for the Salesforce CRM helps solve this problem.

Foretuit combines predictive analytics with employee data to help improve productivity of the front office or sales teams. The startup does this by collecting unstructured data from a sales employee’s digital presence to identify patterns based on their roles, frequency of communication and work output. Foretuit then allows an enterprise to look forward and improve business outcomes.

The startup will track emails, communications, and other data to determine how much a sales rep has made, how many deals need to close, and which deals are at risk. Fortuit will also help businesses improve their sales pipeline.


Q: A good sales manager already has this?

A: Sales managers have a tough time figuring out how to make sense of all the information they are getting from sales people.

Q: What’s the pricing model?

A: It’s free for the rep…but enterprise level will charge the entire enterprise.

Q: For this to work, you need all the data.

A: We’re building a pattern engine that scores sequences.