Quora Founder Cheever: We're Not Going To Sell The Company

Here at TechCrunch Disrupt Investor Chris Dixon interviewed Quora founder Charlie Cheever about the future of Quora and sundry other things namely how to avoiding becoming Yahoo answers.

Said Cheever, “One of the goals we have for Quora is to have all types of people sharing all types of knowledge. I would image a world where I where I could come up with all the things I want to know and find them on Quora.” Cheever related an anecdote about how wanted to know was whether Taxis were safter than regular cars, and Cheever looked at Quora, and indeed found out that they were.

Despite the hype dying down somewhat, some notable things have happened to Quora in the past couple of months, first of all Forbes hired screenwriters Mark Hughes as an Entertainment Writer after observing his very skilled writing on posts on Quora. The site has experienced record traffic spikes, namely due to the “What’s the most epic photo thread ever taken?”

Cheever also revealed that favorite Quora page was “What it felt like to be in the world trade center at the time of the 9-11.”

When asked by Dixon if he would ever consider selling the Quora, Cheever said, “We’ve got a explicit non-goal of selling the company.” When I asked Cheever backstage if this was a standard bullshit answer he said “That would be a pretty a stupid thing to BS about.”

“We want to build a sustainable business that we can reinvest in, making really good products that are really good.” Cheever said, so Quora it is for now.