HTC EVO 3D Wears $200 Price Tag On-Contract From The Shack

While there is still some back-and-forth over when the HTC EVO 3D will finally grace us with its presence, an ad from RadioShack has clarified to what scale this highly-anticipated smartphone will lighten your wallet. On a new or upgraded two-year contract, the 3D-capable handset will cost $199.99, as opposed to $499.99 off-contract.

As with the EVO 4G, EVO 3D owners will have to cough up that mandatory $10 monthly charge for Sprint’s “Premium” Data plan. The RadioShack ad confirmed a few other juicy tidbits, as well, including the fact that a copy of the 3D version of The Green Hornet will come pre-loaded on the handset. Also, if you buy from RadioShack, you’ll receive a free download of “Phenomenon,” The Black Eyed Peas single. Hurray.

The final note-worthy point of the ad goes out to you EVO 4G owners: If you’re in the mood for a change, or have a craving for 3D, you can go ahead and trade in your EVO 4G for a $100 price-cut on the new EVO 3D (at RadioShack only). So potentially, an EVO 4G owner who is eligible for a renewed (or new) 2-year contract can snag one of the Summer’s hottest phones for a Benjamin.

[via Good and Evo]