Dennis Crowley's Mom Actually Bought Him That Gap Ad Outfit

Local darling and Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt to talk to Mike Arrington about anything but acquisitions, partnerships, valuations or the reports of a possible Groupon partnership or anything that’s you know, breaking news.

But what Dennis did talk about? “You’re a bit of a rockstar here,” said Mike Arrington. “I don’t really see it that way,” responded Crowley. In rejoinder Arrington brought up Crowley’s Gap ad from last winter. “Is modeling taking up a lot of your time? How much makeup do you have on in that picture?” Arrington bombarded him with the hard hitting questions.

Crowley also revealed (SPOILER ALERT!) that he wasn’t holding co-founder Naveen’s hand in the ad, and that his mom actually bought him that entire GAP outfit for Christmas, which included a chunky cardigan and “crazy jeans” according to PR Rep Erin Gleason.

Jokes aside about the rockstar thing, “I’ve always looked up to the people who went from being unemployed to doing interesting things with product,” said Crowley. Maybe that’s a more valuable kind of model, one that we could all look up to.