Arrived Lets People Know When You’ve Arrived

“Ping me when you’re in New York,” you tell your friends, but then you forget to text and the next thing you know you’re on an outbound flight at JFK and you haven’t even seen anyone you went to school or hooked up with or whatever.

Or let’s say you wanted to go to Bloomingdales with your bestie, but have a bunch of stuff to do before hand and aren’t hard pressed on time so you can go whenever. Arrived attempts to solve this problem.

Founder Clarence Wooten Jr. thought that there was a better solution to give people a heads up when people where in the general or hyper-local area, enabling people to make “soft plans.”

With the Arrived app you can select a place, and add people to notify when you get to the specific location. The people selected can either opt in to be notified or to notify you upon their arrival to that specific location. Combining geo-fencing, auto-checkins, and notifications, Arrived wants to provide value to consumers without requiring them to change any behavior patterns or check-in.

With a roster of advisors that includes Shervin Pishevar, Rich Skrenka and Eghosa Omoigui, Arrived plans to monetize (it better) with “Arrival Rewards,” where merchants will track consumer arrivals in exchange for the potential to earn rewards.