The Roundabout Tapes – Squadify aims to be the Meetup for sports

Squadify is a stealth-mode startup planning to try and disrupt the world of casual team sports. We interviewed the company as part of our new video series, The Roundabout Tapes, documenting the startups in the area of East London that has come to be known as Silicon Roundabout.

Squadify is a startup aiming to allow people to find sports teams they want to play in, or even form. Close to a kind of ‘Meetup for sport’, the site is still in pre-alpha, but is aiming for a launch in the crucial Summer sports season. In some sense it’s not unlike, which is already out the door.

We met up with co-founder Andrew Davey to find out what the startup is planning. Like a lot of tiny, bootstrapped startups in the Silicon Roundabout area, Davey, along with cofounder Nick Casey, are banking that they can scale up on the back of social buzz and integration with Facebook.