• Need Help With Class? Motuto Puts A Live Tutor In Your Pocket

    As easy as it is to forget that the iPad isn’t just a little Angry-Birds-and-Netflix machine, it’s always nice to see someone building something meant to teach kids a thing or two. Exhibit A: Motuto. Launched this morning, Motuto takes live tutors from around the world and shoves ’em into the iPhone, iPad, and, before too long, Android devices. Read More

  • LifeTouch W: NEC To Finally Ship Their Dual-Screen Android Tablet Next Month

    The dual 7-inch screen Android tablet that NEC introduced during CES earlier this year is finally ready to ship (in Japan, at least). The company today announced [JP] that it’s now called LifeTouch W, and that it’s scheduled to hit stores over here sometime next month. Read More

  • DreamIt And Comcast Partner For New Program For Minority Entrepreneurs

    Comcast Interactive Capital, the venture capital arm of the media giant, has partnered with Philadelphia based venture fund and startup accelerator Dreamit Ventures to provide seed funding, training, mentoring and other benefits to minority-led startups through DreamIt’s accelerator program. The new $350,000 fund will give five minority-led startups for its Fall Philadelphia 2011 program… Read More

  • Sophia Does The Math, Buys Guaranteach To Boost Its Social Education Platform

    Sophia, which operates a free online social teaching and learning platform, this morning announced that it has acquired Guaranteach, a Web-based service that provides tens of thousands of short-form tutorials along with assessment tools to students, teachers and schools. Guaranteach offers nearly 23,000 short-form videos on math topics ranging from counting to calculus, developed by nearly… Read More

  • "Super Hi-Vision": Sharp Prototypes 85-Inch TV With Insane Resolution [Update: Video]

    Can you imagine owning a TV with 16 times the resolution of HDTV (or, in other words, about the same resolution as IMAX)? That’s 7,680×4,320 pixels, and today Sharp (in cooperation with Japanese national TV broadcaster NHK) showed a 85-inch LCD TV boasting that spec, also known as Ultra HDTV or Super Hi-Vision. Read More

  • Now There's An App For Going Back In Time

    Friday is an Android app that let’s you browse events that happened in the past. You can see what happened on your phone since you turned it on the first time. It tells you where you’ve been, who you called or sent emails to. The app provides you with analytics of your entire phone usage. It’s much like an automated journal of your life. I like it because usually I have no… Read More

  • Smart Lending: On Deck Gives Your Startup A Credit Score So You Can Secure A Loan

    We talk a lot about the startups and companies that receive venture capital and angel funding, but what about the other subset of small businesses that are fundamental to the success of the economy, but may not be on the radar of VCs and angels? These companies, from restaurants and small retailers to salons and florists, may not be high-potential startups like a Google or a Facebook, but… Read More

  • Khosla Ventures Is Raising, Like, A Billion Dollars

    Venture capital firm Khosla Ventures is raising $1 billion for its new fund, Khosla Ventures IV, an SEC filing reveals. From the looks of it, the new fund will be roughly the same size as the previous one (raised in September 2009). The news comes a few weeks after former YouTube and Facebook CFO Gideon Yu left the firm after joining them less than two years earlier, to go work for the San… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Consumer Goods Edition

    NY Times Editor: Twitter Giveth, And Twitter Taketh Away
    Toshiba Protoypes Ultra-Thin, Rollable OLED
    This Is A Piranha Plant USB Keychain For Today’s Stylish Man
    Apple Employees Trade Out iPod touch For iPad 2?
    Kinect Hack Could Eventually Translate Sign Language Read More

  • Plizy iPad App Could Be A Flipboard-meets-Pandora For Video

    Plizy is an interesting new startup which wants to bring personalized video content to the iPad [iTunes link] the company has also announced a $1.2m angel funding round from undisclosed investors. Plizy wants users to discover, share and watching online video based on your social graph, history, and interests. It sounds like a few other startups we could mention, and competitors might best… Read More

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