• That Was Fast: Amazon's Kindle Ebook Sales Surpass Print (It Only Took Four Years)

    Five years ago, if you’d told a fellow book lover that eBooks were poised to surge in popularity and overtake traditional books, you probably would have been met with a scoff and a dismissal about reading too much sci-fi. And yet here we are: Amazon has just announced that it is now selling more eBooks than it is selling print editions, a mere four years after launching the Kindle. Read More

  • AT&T To Launch HTC HD7S On June 5th

    We’ve known for a while now that AT&T was preppin’ to launch their very own version of the HD7S — they said as much back in March. While they were glad to talk up the HD7S’ advantages over its near-twin, the T-Mobile HD7 (such as the upgrade from a 4.3″ LCD to a 4.3″ Super LCD and.. uhh.. the addition of an S to the end of the name,) they left out… Read More

  • Concrete Canvas: The Pop-up Tent That Turns Into A Concrete Structure With Just Water

    Concrete Canvas is just what it sounds like: canvas that’s, well, concrete. The material is essentially a water-acivated concrete fabric that can be deployed for just about any task generally reserved for traditional concrete. Just add water, really. The novel part is that the company sells a self-contained pop-up tent that, with the help of a provided electric fan, deploys and… Read More

  • Sprint HTC Arrive To Get Security Update On May 24th?

    We’re not usually ones to believe images that are essentially one big JPEG artifact — but hey, we’re talking about a security update here. For Windows Phone 7, no less. Who would fake that? It’d be like photoshopping yourself into a picture of a Quizno’s and only showing it to your cats. In case you don’t have your blurry-mess-decrypting goggles on… Read More

  • Patek Philippe Invests In Silicon Micro Parts Research For Watches

    Silicon for the win! The material that has had watch brands debating and experimenting is here to stay and Patek Philippe is making sure of that. News from the big guys in Switzerland says that they intend for all Patek Philippe watches in the future to have Silinvar (their type of silicon) parts. A new limited edition watch called the ref. 5550P uses the brand’s newest Silinvar… Read More

  • Today Is Not The First Time LinkedIn Shares Have Doubled

    Now that LinkedIn has stock is trading publicly,, you can buy and sell shares of the company on the New York Stock Exchange. But its shares have traded before privately among wealthy individuals and other accredited investors on secondary markets such as SecondMarket. The chart above shows the price history of LinkedIn’s stock between April, 2010 and March 2011 on SecondMarket. On… Read More

  • Plizy iPad app tries to be a Flipboard-meets-Pandora for video

    Plizy is an interesting new startup which wants to bring personalized video content to the iPad [iTunes link] the company has also announced a $1.2m angel funding round from undisclosed investors. Plizy wants users to discover, share and watching online video based on your social graph, history, and interests. It sounds like a few other startups we could mention, and competitors might best… Read More

  • Sony Wants To Take Augmented Reality To The Next Level With SmartAR (Video)

    Sony has been working on Augmented Reality technologies since 1994, and today the company took the wraps of “SmartAR”, a so-called integrated Augmented Reality solution. The company says their technology has four distinct advantages when compared to existing AR solutions. Read More

  • LoveFilm signs deal with key movie distributor to boost content

    Back in January Amazon acquired the remaining shares in the pan-European movie rental and streaming service LoveFilm for what was rumoured to be around $312 million. Amazon already owned 42 percent of LoveFilm which acquired Amazon’s DVD rental business in 2008. But it’s not resting on its laurels. Today it signs a deal with a key film and cinema distributor in the UK, Optimum… Read More

  • Hug, Cuddle And/Or Spoon With This Massive Plush Google Android

    This Android Squishable wants nothing more than a big hug. Sure, it’s a bit overweight, perhaps loaded with too much bloatware as ThinkGeek puts it, but it still deserves love. If the $40 15-inch pictured here is too big, opt for the $20 7-incher instead. Better yet, buy two for a pair of awesome couch pillows, which will likely double as Apple fanboy retardants. Read More

  • Logitech Releases Keyboards, Mice, And Speakers For iPads and Android Tablets

    Way back in the old days I bought a keyboard for my Palm V, thinking that I would be able to type into it and become a proto-ultraportable ninja. That never worked, and I worry that Logitech is bringing us more of the same with this dump of tablet accessories including a $70 keyboard, Bluetooth mouse (for Android tablets only), and wireless speakers. The keyboard and speakers work with both… Read More

  • Wooden iPhone Dock Does Retro Right

    Think of this as a passive iPhone dock. It’s not powered nor does it do anything electronic. But that’s fine. It just holds an iPhone and looks oh-so-sexy doing it. The dock (or rather holder?) is designed by Jonas Damon to be reminiscent of the classic flip clock radios. There’s room in the beechwood block to snake a dock connector cable, which sort of secures your… Read More

  • Verizon Fires Up Their 4G Network In 9 New Cities

    You know the drill: another few weeks have passed, so it’s time for yet another batch of cities to start swimmin’ in Verizon’s sweet, sweet LTE radio waves. Is your hometown one of the new regions? Probably not — but maybe! We’ve got the list of new additions after the jump, plus the full running list of cities covered so far for good measure. Read More

  • Students: Buy A Win7 PC, Get An XBox 360 Free

    If this doesn’t point to a coming refresh of Xbox 360 hardware I don’t know what does. Starting May 22, Microsoft is offering a free XBox 360 (with 4GB of storage) to folks who pay $699 or more for a Windows 7 PC – note they do not say “laptop,” which suggests that makers like HP and Dell are trying to boost their waning, post-PC sales. Obviously this is a great… Read More

  • After Amazon And Google, Masterobjects Sues Microsoft Over Instant Search Patent

    We recently broke the story of a small search software outlet named Masterobjects taking on Amazon.com in a notable patent infringement lawsuit, later also taking Google to court. Now it’s apparently Microsoft’s turn to get sued by the company, and my guess is more will follow. Read More

  • LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner ‘Very Comfortable’ With IPO Price Range

    Shortly after ringing the bell on the New York Stock Exchange, LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner talked to Bloomberg Television about the IPO and the company’s future plans. You can watch the full video here. As we reported this morning, the company began trading at $83.00 per share, a 84 percent increase from initial pricing of $45 per share, giving LinkedIn a $7.8 billion market cap. Read More

  • LawPivot Expands Q&A Site For Startup Legal Advice Nationwide

    As we’ve written in the past, Google Ventures-backed LawPivot has applied the Q&A model to the legal space. LawPivot is essentially a “Quora for legal advice” that allows technology companies and startups to confidentially ask legal questions to expert attorneys. Previously, the startup had only focused on offering advice in California but today is expanding its… Read More

  • Preorder Your Galaxy Tab 10.1 Now [update: Just Kidding!]

    The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now up for preordering. Of course your going to have to wait until early June for it to ship, but if the Asus Transformer fiasco taught the Android community anything, it’s that manufacturers might not have enough units made for the first round. Plus, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is hot. Read More

  • Fly or Die Google Music Review

    Fly Or Die: Hands On With The Google Music Beta And A Wild New Wi-Fi Hard Drive

    This week Erick and I received two invites to the Google Music Beta and I also discovered that Erick is a secret 90s classic rap fan who used to drink the brass monkey while whiling away the hours in his college dorm room. Who knew? We also tried out the new Seagate GoFlex Satellite wireless hard drive and discussed why I loved the New Yorker iPad app so darn much. Plus, at some point in the… Read More

  • Video: Battlefield Heroes – Heroic Buccaneers

    Battlefield Heros is a great time. Who doesn’t like quirky, third person online games? Oh, and it’s free. Like really free. But soon, at least according to this video, manly and heroic buccaneers are taking up arms, too. Awesome. Read More

  • Yahoo Messenger Allows For Cross-Platform Video Chats On The iPad 2

    If you’ve been trying to convince your parents to buy a Mac but they refuse on religious grounds, this may be the solution you’re looking for. The new Yahoo Messenger now supports cross-platform video chatting and regular text chats on the iPad 2 to any other device, including the iPhone. Read More

  • That Was Fast: Amazon's Kindle Ebook Sales Surpass Print (It Only Took Four Years)

    Five years ago, if you’d told a fellow book lover that eBooks were poised to surge in popularity and overtake traditional books, you probably would have been met with a scoff and a dismissal about reading too much sci-fi. And yet here we are: Amazon has just announced that it is now selling more eBooks than it is selling print editions, a mere four years after launching the Kindle. Read More

  • Voice Sentiment Analysis Startup Saygent Raises $1 Million

    Saygent, a SaaS startup that helps companies figure out the sentiment behind customer voice responses, has raised $1 million in seed funding from 500 Startups, Innovation Endeavors, Juvo Capital, Kapor Capital, Kima Ventures, Orefa Investment, PG Ventures, Ty Danco and Matthew Grodin. With clients from Fortune 500 companies including Comcast and other biggies, Saygent uses crowd-sourcing… Read More

  • DFJ Leads $6 Million Round For Social Job Board Jibe

    TechCrunch 50 company Jibe (formerly LocalBacon), has raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson and DFJ Gotham with existing investors, Polaris Venture Partners, Zelkova Ventures, Lerer Ventures, Thrive Capital and Stanford University Endowment participating in the round. This brings the company’s total funding to $7 million. Jibe is a next-generation job… Read More

  • Paper.li Upgrades Social News Curation Platform, Adds Eric Hippeau As An Advisor

    Paper.li this morning announced new curation and management capabilities for its publishing platform, which basically allows individuals and publishers like HBO create personalized online newspapers by incorporating Twitter and Facebook streams into a familiar newspaper layout. Paper.li earlier this year raised $2.1 million for its social news curation platform, and is today also announcing… Read More

  • You Can Now Get Every Playboy Issue Ever Published On Your iPad For $8 Per Month

    Ever wanted to be able to access every issue of Playboy magazine published since December 1953 on your iPad? Even if just for the articles? You’re in luck: Playboy Enterprises, the media company behind the magazine, this morning announced a web-based subscription service that gives users the opportunity to read, search and explore every single Playboy issue. Read More

  • Verizon's First WP7 Phone, The HTC Trophy, Launching May 26th for $149.99

    All the signs pointed to an impending launch of the Windows Phone 7-powered HTC Trophy on Verizon — and wouldn’t you know it? It just became official. The HTC Trophy will hit Verizon’s website on May 26th (the same day that they’re launching the Xperia Play, and quite possibly the LG Revolution), with in-store availability on June 2nd. Expect to pay around $149.99 after… Read More

  • LinkedIn IPO Shares Pop 84 Percent On First Trade, Opens With $7.8B Market Cap

    LinkedIn IPO Shares Pop 84 Percent On First Trade, Opens With $7.8B Market Cap

    This is a big day for professional social network LinkedIn, which was founded in 2003. After filing its S-1 with the SEC in January, the company has begin trading its shares, under the symbol LNKD, on the New York Stock Exchange this morning. As we learned yesterday, LinkedIn priced its IPO at $45 per share, giving the company a valuation of $4.5 billion. Today, the company began trading at… Read More

  • iOS Game Publisher Fuse Powered Raises $2m Seed Round From BlackBerry Partners Fund And NFQ

    When you hear a name like BlackBerry Partners Fund, your first thought probably isn’t “Hey! They should invest in an iOS games publisher!” As it turns out, while the investment firm shares a name and myriad ties to the finest gadget line to come out of Waterloo, the fund isn’t bound to products built for any one platform in particular. They’re celebrating that… Read More

  • Website Building Tool Jimdo Is Taking Off, Adding Cool Features, Making Money

    Jimdo, a service that lets anyone create a good-looking website without too much effort, is on a roll. The tool has now been used to build over 4 million websites, and 200,000 more Jimdo-powered sites get published every month. Last year, the German startup behind the service rolled out a feature that let anyone create an online store, quickly and easily. Fast forward 15 months and 40,000… Read More