Google Advisor Wants To Be Your One-Stop Shop For Financial Comparisons


Google has rolled all of its finance tools into one product today, merging its mortgage, credit card and bank account comparison tools into Google Advisor. Google Advisor allows you to compare offer options for your credit cards, checking and savings accounts, CDs or mortgage.

With Google Advisor, users can enter in whatever criteria they’re looking for and get multiple offers side by side. Additionally, users can set the search criteria they want and control the amount of personal information they share before contacting the offer provider if/when interested in taking them up on the offer.

With this fleshed out service, the search company has entered the same consumer finance comparison space as, and others. Google has experimented with a mortgage comparison tool since 2009 and receives revenue through referrals — While Google is not currently paid for referrals on any other finance product, it’s safe to say that it hopes this will one day not be the case.