(Founder Stories) Hashable's Yavonditte: Being Lean Does Not Mean Staying Small


As Chris Dixon rounds out his interview with Hashable founder, Michael Yavonditte, SXSW serves as a springboard to discuss the power of thinking small, when thinking about launching. Yavonditte relates Hashable’s experience at SXSW and puts it in perspective.

Speaking to the topic, Dixon says, “I have come to kind of believe in the lean startup thing, where you just kind of iterate and you iterate” continuing with, “people put way too much weight in … launching.”  Yavonditte offers similar insights, and notes that building a lean startup does not equate to thinking small. The two also have a meeting of the minds when it comes to the power of the press. It is an amplifier for both the good and the bad.

Check out the full discussion in the video above.

In the final segment, Yavonditte answers Dixon’s “rapid fire” questions. Yavonditte tells Dixon why startups fail and dishes the best piece of advice he has been given. “Hire great people and pay them whatever you have to pay them” he says.

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