Apple Zeros In On Deals For Its Cloud Music Service

<img src=""> Apple is furiously negotiating with the record labels to finalize deals which will allow it to stream music from the Internet to

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 With TouchWiz Caught On Video (With Bonus Keyboard Dock)

<img src="" />Samsung's medium-size <a href="">Galaxy

HP TouchPad To Hit Wal-Mart For $599

If this leaked internal listing is legit, it looks like HP’s TouchPad will be coming to Wal-Mart for $599 for a 32GB model. We heard that it would be $699 earlier, and likely that price will sti

In The Future, The Robots Will Roll And Hover

<img src="" />I'm not exactly enthused by the idea of these rolling/hovering hybrid <a href="

WorldTV sees full launch, flicks switch on in-app store for premium features

<img class="shot" title="WorldTV" src="" alt="" width="175" height="175" />After fours years of tweaking and pivoting, <

Review: Blancier Desert Wolf

<img src="" />A lot of watchmaking is aspirational. Since the 1700s, watchmakers have wanted to create simulacrum of the items that exp

Sony's New Color E-Paper Screen Shows That We're Not Quite There Yet

<img src="" />There's no denying that the latest cool <a href="">displays</a> are making important adva

Exclusive: London's Mayor holds first ever Twitter Q&A session

<img src="" class="shot2" />The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, held his first ever interactive Q&A session with Twitter followers toda

The End Of Blippy As We Know It

<img src="" /></a> So it turns out that almost nobody wants people to check out their purchases. And also that

Sheryl Sandberg: A Facebook IPO Is 'Inevitable'

<img src="" class="shot2">Today, LinkedIn <a href="

This Revolver Camera Shot A Picture And A Bullet Simultaneously

I actually can think of good reasons for something like this to exist. Maybe for police pistols, for instance? Still, it’s a bit creepy, especially if those pictures on the side there were taken

1.6 Million Windows Phone 7 Handsets Were Sold Last Quarter

Gartner has just released some numbers describing the worldwide mobile market, and while these numbers haven’t been confirmed by the companies concerned, they still provide a valuable estimate o

Simplee Makes Your Medical Bills Understandable

<img src=""> Health care is a mess in this country, especially the payments and insurance side of the equation. But as I mentio

Inside F1's 20-button Super Steering Wheel

<img src="" />F1 racing has long been a technology battle, and while the driver is an important component, his role has been increasing upgrades social news curation platform, adds Eric Hippeau as an advisor

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href=""></a> this morning announced new curation and management capabilities for its

Cartridge Hack Creates Super Mario All-Stars… For NES

<img src="" />I've always been slightly bothered by the updated graphics in Super Mario All-Stars, but at the same time I can't deny that i

Website building tool Jimdo is taking off, adding cool features, making money

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Jimdo</a>, a service that lets anyone <a href="

New 360 Update Rolling Out, Old 360 Update Bricking Some Consoles

<img src="" />Microsoft is rolling out a new update to the Xbox 360 which adds a few new features. Gamers in some countries can now link th

From To Brighter, Jake Winebaum Introduces A DIY Dental Plan

<img src=""> It is no revelation that the healthcare payment system in America is broken. That includes dental plans, where an estima

Apple Patents A Streaming Music Service That Has A Key Advantage Over Current Providers

<img src="">Streaming media is the future. You know this if you've used Netflix, Rdio, Groovesh
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