Former Nokia CFO Rick Simonson lands at Rearden Commerce

E-commerce platform company Rearden Commerce has appointed former Nokia CFO Rick Simonson as its new chief financial officer and president of business operations. Simonson is known for serving as Nokia’s CFO for six years before taking over leadership of the company’s Mobile Phones business in November 2009 – and for quitting less than six months after his appointment.

Simonson is also the man who declared in January 2010, shortly after taking over the reins of Nokia’s – obviously key – mobile phones business, that Nokia would be “at par with Apple and RIM in smartphones” by 2011. Yeah, but no.

Anyway, the former member of the Group Executive Board of Nokia, who was previously a banker, will be responsible for driving operational efficiencies and managing growth over at Rearden Commerce, which offers tools, services, content and personalization technologies that enable commercial transactions across the Web.

The company’s solutions are distributed globally by over 40 partners, including American Express, JP Morgan Chase, Paychex and a number of travel management companies.

Reader Commerce has raised close to a quarter billion dollars to date.