Sequoia Leads $3M Round in Onavo, The Must-Have Data Shrinking iOS App

It was only a few shorts weeks ago that we reviewed Onavo, the must-have iOS app that significantly shrinks data consumption. We were so impressed with the app’s ability to save users money on their data usage plans, that we went so far as to say that every iOS user should download it.

Today the company is announcing a $3M Round A by Sequoia Capital, with participation of Magma Venture Partners.

I asked the company to share some usage statistics for the first twenty days since launch. Here’s what they came back to me with:

  • Onavo saved users approximately 500GB in data consumption.
  • Data consumption of 30,000+ different apps passed through Onavo’s data-shrinking technology.
  • Onavo saw particularly high demand in two main user categories: The first, among travelers seeking to save on data roaming plans. The second, among domestic users with capped plans looking to get more bang for their buck.

Also noteworthy, and by popular demand (mine included), Onavo is now also available for iPad.