(Founder Stories) How Hashable Rose From The Ashes Of Tracked

Before there was Hashable, there was Tracked, Michael Yavonditte’s attempt to build a better Yahoo Finance. It was little too complicated, and not social. “I felt like I was on the wrong side of history,” he tells Chris Dixon in this episode of Founder Stories.

So Yavonditte (who had previously sold advertising startup Quigo to AOL for $360 million) started from scratch, recruited a new team, and Hashable was born—a lightweight mobile app that helps you keep track of your business meetings and contacts, and is replacing business cards for many people.

In the video clip below, Yavonditte explains what exactly is Hashable and hints at some upcoming features. Be sure to also watch Part I of this interview, in which Yavonditte describes how he went toe-to-toe with Google back in his Quigo days, and came out all right. He also describes his thoughts on management: “Leadership is not acquiescing to the mob.”

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