Defaceable Lets You Comment Anonymously On Facebook Comments

Miss being able to blather on about Android versus iPhone or express your irrational hatred of a certain author, startup or device on TechCrunch, without having to attach your Facebook account (and don’t want to go through all the trouble of creating a dummy Yahoo/Aol account)? Well you might be in luck with a new Chrome extension that lets you comment sans identity on Facebook Comments.

Defaceable allows trolls commenters to leave and see anonymous comments by other Defaceable users, both on the Facebook platform and on sites that use Facebook Comments like TechCrunch or the LA Times. Defaceable works by parsing the html code and extracting the ID of the comments you’re looking at, checking against the Defaceable database for defacements it can show you.

Inspired by the anonymity system of Likealittle, Defaceable users comment as fruits (“Posting as Peach,” “Grape said” etc) and can check back into the Defaceable website to view and vote on top posts and trending topics. While this does defeat the purpose of having Facebook Comments in the first place, the fruit thing seriously makes it hard to be negative; Just try posting something, anything mean, when your user name is Watermelon.

You can download the Chrome extension here (you can’t see the comments if you don’t have the extension).