Kwaga launches WriteThat.Name to semantically update Gmail contacts

Kwaga, which offers a semantic toolkit to help manage email, has launched WriteThat.Name, a new product designed to help users keep their Gmail contacts up-to-date.

It does this by employing semantic technology to read the email signatures of incoming messages, noting any changes to included contact details. After all, if a contact changes their phone number or place of work, for example, their email signature is likely to be the first thing they update. Kwaga’s WriteThat.Name keeps an eye out for those changes and will either update a user’s Gmail address book automatically or, if in manual mode, will simply alert the user to a potential update.

Pricing-wise, the feature isn’t free (after the first month) but costs 2 euros per month or 15 euros per year for each subscribed email address.

Kwaga was founded in 2008 by Philippe Laval (founder and previously head of Sinequa, Enterprise semantic search engine vendor) and a team of software entrepreneur and computational linguistics specialists. The startup has won a number of French innovation awards (Oseo, Scientipole, Paris Innovation, Centre Français de l’innovation, Web 2.0), while both SeedCamp and Kima Ventures have provided seed-funding.