AT&T To Sell The Cisco Cius

Remember a few months ago when you kind of cared about the Cisco Cius and then you realized it was just a little screen made for video meetings and wasn’t really a consumer device? Well, prepare for that realization again because AT&T is about to provide HSPA+ data service for this thing and presumably sell it to government and institutional buyers.

The device has a 7-inch screen with multitouch and runs on Wi-Fi and WLAN. You can basically read email with it and look at web pages and also edit file in the cloud. The best part? “Voice and video calls are supported in wired environments.” That’s right: one of the most interesting features is limited to a docked state.

I can only imagine some IT guy in 2020 stumbling over a dusty box of these and asking why anyone ever bought them. The older IT will just shrug and point up to the top floor of the building, explaining the boss thought buying Cisco was always a good idea.

No pricing but expect it to land this fall.