Android Chief Rubin Hints At A New Nexus Device In Time For The Holidays

Today at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco, a group of executives sat down the with press to answer questions about the announcements made during the keynote earlier in the day. Much of the news revolved around Android, as did many of the questions. And since Android head Andy Rubin was present, someone decided to ask about the future of Google’s own Nexus brand of devices.

Google doesn’t actually manufacturer these devices but instead works closely with an OEM and carrier partner to produce a device that provides users with a clean and pure version of Android. Given that Google is now working more closely with carriers and OEMs to push up-to-date Android across the board, some wondered what this might mean for the Nexus devices?

Not much, according to Rubin. And yes, you should expect a new one this year.

“I think the Nexus has been the thing we use to set the bar,” Rubin said. “There will always be new ones coming out for the market,” he continued.

So, when?

“The cycles are holidays and the summer time,” he noted indicating that they’d be making an announcement at some point. Considering that we’re already creeping up on the summer, maybe Rubin meant that the new Nexus S 4G for Sprint was the summer device. That leaves the holiday device…

So what will it be? A Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich (the next version of Android that will unify the tablet Honeycomb OS with Android phones)? Perhaps. Rubin would only commit to the new OS launching “towards the end of the year”.