Shoefitr: You Know, For Shoes

Shoefitr allows you to find a shoe that is similar in size and shape to a pair of shoes you already own. For example, say you’re into Nike Free Runs but they discontinued the model you like. You tell Shoefitr and, using the site’s 3D scanning system and shoe database, it finds a pair that matches the size and shape of the shoe you like. The 3D scanning system is based on the same systems used to scan feet for orthotics.

They’re currently using the service at Runningwarehouse but I suspect folks like Amazon and Zappos will soon be on the bandwagon. There is, after all, nothing more frustrating than getting a pair of running shoes and finding they pinch or warp in the wrong places.

Another interesting aspect of this is the start-up story and how the founder’s first idea failed.The creator, Matt Wilkinson, first tried to scan people’s feet in stores and, discovering that putting too much hardware in a store was a recipe for disaster, he scaled back and instead began giving recommendations based on known variables scanned in from existing shoes.

The service ensures that your choice isn’t too big or too small and when you leave a brand you trust it finds similar shoes from similar brands and, most important, it assesses the size differences in the different shoes and advises you which pair to buy. The savings come as customers pick – and buy – shoes they know will fit them, thereby reducing returns.

Product Page via The Tartan