Cloud Sherpas Upgrades Google Apps Management App With New Features

Cloud Sherpas, a Google Apps reseller that also helps enterprises migrate to and manage the productivity suite, is announcing a milestone today and is upgrading its offering with a number of new features.

Cloud Sherpas not only helps companies migrate and transition over to Google Apps but also provides additional tools, called Sherpa Tools, to make the productivity suite more useful. For example, the Directory Manager provides administrators with an interface for creating, retrieving, updating and deleting in-depth profile information for end users, shared contacts and groups. With Cloud Sherpa, users can also import and export contact information in bulk and add instant messaging features.

SherpaTools for Google Apps has been installed by over 16,000 domains representing three million Google Apps users worldwide, making it one of the most installed applications in the Google Apps Marketplace.

The company has also upgraded SherpaTools with new features including new admin delegation, end-user provisioning, and privacy tools and will unveil these at Google’s developer conference Google IO, this week. One of the major new features added to SherpaTools is the concept of constituencies. Now help desk workers with partial admin responsibilities can now be restricted to helping users within their constituent bases only. For example, an admin who is responsible for supporting an organization’s Engineering department may not have access to users in the Finance department.

Additionally, organizations that buy their Google Apps licenses from Cloud Sherpas directly now have the ability to instantly purchase additional end-user licences via SherpaTools. And SherpaTools now supports the free version of Google Apps.

Sherpa Tools has raised $3 million to date.